WiCYS CyberStart (Tokyo) Challenge 3

Briefing L02 C03

Can you believe it, we think the Yakoottees are now planning to disrupt the flow of traffic in a major city! We need to find the URL of a forum they’re using to communicate with each other. Can you figure out what the URL is?

Tip: Find the url of the forum to get the flag.

Visiting the Yakoottees’ website, this is what we find:-

While visiting each page, it has different URLs, which is evident in the images below. This is very important to observe. Keep it in mind

In each case, a prefix (for example — my-routes or contact) is attached to the main URL (trafficdisruptors.com)

Flag Capture

To get a full list, we can observe the source code of the webpage. Sometimes analyzing this is akin to a gold mine

So we can observe that “forum” has a prefix — my-chat

Appending it to the main URL, we get the final URL, targeting the forum page


Upon pressing enter, we capture the flag

Flag — WiNlHGVYPAm0iGig5lhu

Contents of the forum page:-

The challenge is conquered and we have racked up 1000 points on the scoreboard. Way to go!



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